Another Credible Voice On Iran

The decision on what to do about Iran is a tough one. The Mullahs are nuts, and you can’t reason with nuts. You can shoot nuts, but you’d have to get all of them – or, they’ll just come back worse than ever. Worse, lots of people who are average joes like you and me … Read more

A Decade of Preparation

Israel never lets a serious existential threat go unanswered. Never. Well, at the turn of the millennium, Israel began to realize that the threat from Iran was serious – nuclear weapons serious. Mossad was tasked with stopping them. Others even less visible were also given the task. And, the Israel Air Force. If Mossad (and … Read more

Israeli Threats

Israel’s security has always depended on credibility. Because Israel’s enemies know that Israel is ALWAYS prepared to back up her words with successful actions, Israel’s enemies have been unwilling to attack Israel. The moment that Israel begins to make threats without intending to act on those threats… that moment marks the beginning of the decline … Read more

Increasing Tempo for War

In war, truth is the first casualty. – Aeschylus There’s a certain rhythm for things. And, when that rhythm accelerates, you know that the crux of an issue is approaching resolution. Well, the frequency – and strength – of leaks and statements from Washington and Jerusalem are increasing almost daily, and that sounds almost as … Read more

Shadow War

The cloak and dagger war being waged between Israel and Iran is starting to come out of the shadows. Or, at least some aspects of it are. So far, it seems that Israel is winning in purely covert terms, but it doesn’t look like she’s even close to stopping the Iranian nuclear program. The question … Read more