The Best of the Middle East

If you’re looking for the best of the Middle East, you won’t be able to find it anywhere outside of Israel. And, there are some things that you can ONLY find in Israel. Do you want to see Arabs living free? You have to come to Israel. Do you want to see Arabs living in … Read more

How To Defend Israel – Introduction

Ever thought about being a diplomat? For Israel? Well, here’s your chance. has put together a series of useful (and short) lessons on how to defend Israel from all the attacks leveled against her every single day. Whether it’s a coworker that you meet for lunch, or your weekend golfing buddies, it isn’t hard … Read more

He Used To Hate Israel

His name is Nicky Larkin, and he really did hate Israel. Now, he doesn’t. The reason why he doesn’t hate Israel anymore comes from his honest attempt to create a documentary film exposing Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians. When he went and interviewed both Israelis and Palestinians… and, when he looked into the situation… He … Read more

Do Not Attack Iran Now

That’s the message from the former head of Mossad, and frankly, he’s probably right. I mean, if ANYONE is able to determine what’s the right time to attack Iran, Meir Dagan is that man. That’s in addition to the polls indicating that most Israelis do not want the IDF to attack Iranian nuclear sites without … Read more