Raymond Ibrahim

There are times when I run across truly incredible people who emerge from the muslim world and tell us what is really going on. One of those guys is Raymond Ibrahim. Born in the United States, Raymond comes with a deep understanding of Western culture and values, but he’s also a native Arabic speaker. His … Read more

Truth About the West Bank

Would you believe that I’m finally on Facebook? I can hardly believe it myself. I’m doing this pretty much against my will, but the seriousness of the situation has driven me to it. We’re in a lot of trouble, and if it helps to get to word out then I’ll join Facebook. Somebody’s gotta make … Read more

Gaza Flotilla Fizzles

Good. Finally, someone’s starting to have an attack of good sense. Or, at least they’re having an attack of a sense that is better than the one that they’ve been using, lately. Why is it that so many have this penchant for blindly following the mainstream mantra that ‘anything Israel’ is evil while ‘everything Palestinian’ … Read more