To the Lifeboats, Please

When I first heard that the Federal Deficit was equal to our yearly economic output, I was horrified. “We’re DEAD,” I cried. “DEAD!” I just KNEW that the average American didn’t have the cajones to pay off that kind of debt. And, I certainly knew that no American politician was going to ask their supporters … Read more

Letter from Jerusalem

The Obama Administration is threatening Jerusalem. Oh yes, I know that they have phrased their demands as a ‘request’, but that’s US State Department double-speak for ‘ultimatum’. And, when they couched their ultimatum in terms of a “return to pre-1967 borders with agreed swaps”, please remember that the Palestinians are on record as vowing to … Read more

Good News – Iran Will Have Atom Bomb in 2012

What a relief. Iran will probably NOT have ‘The Bomb’ until March of next year. Here’s a quote from Reza Khalili’s website: I revealed on May 31 that the Revolutionary Guards are now in possession of two nuclear capable warheads, with eight more to be delivered within the next ten months. The Guards expect to … Read more

9th of Av

From sundown last night, until sundown tonight, Israelis are fasting in remembrance (among other things) of the destruction of both the first and second temples. Wikipedia has as a pretty good article on the topic, here. It really is one of the most significant days of the year, and it directly impacts Israeli nationalism. And, … Read more