Turkey’s Failing Secular Dream

Barry Rubin is one of the world’s foremost experts on Turkey and the director of the Global Research for International Affairs Center (GLORIA Center) in Herzliya. When Barry speaks, people listen.  In fact, a Turkish newspaper based in Istanbul interviewed Prof. Rubin to get his views on the latest Turkish elections. You can read the interview … Read more

Slumbering Towards Islamism

With all the hubbub and ballyhoo over Iraq and Iran, we aren’t hearing much about Turkey. That’s a problem. For instance, did you know that Justice and Development Party (AKP) won the Turkish elections on the 22nd of July? Did you know that they are a moderate Islamic party? Did you know that, over the … Read more

Turkey at a Delicate Time

Madbadturk invited me to dinner the next time I’m in Turkey, and I’ll see if I can take him up on that. He has a great blog that you would do well to check out. However, the context of his invitation makes a point that is always good to remember: People and governments aren’t synonimous. … Read more