I’ve been thinking about Ahmadinejad’s confident claims that he can take out the US and Israel – and achieve dominance for Islam. How could he possibly do that without the help of thermonuclear bombs in the multi-megaton range? We also call them hydrogen bombs, or H-bombs, and they are beyond his capability to make. And, I … Read more

Tell Me That I’m Dreaming

There are a lot of reasons why I don’t like the UN. It’s mind-numbingly corrupt. It’s appetite for hypocrisy is gluttonous. It’s horribly inefficient, in the extreme. And, it’s outrageously stupid. Stupidity is a hot button for me, so I can’t pass up examples of it. Here’s one. Today, the Associated Press reports: In Vienna on … Read more

Very Clever

I think that the Israeli government has played this one out really well. There is a UN cease fire that Israel has signed, which means that there is a clear end to the fighting in sight. At the same time, Israel has positioned forces in such a way that they will be able hinder Hezbollah … Read more