Women and Israel

The United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women is going to be wrapping up its annual session today with its traditional accusation of Israel. Israel, of course, abuses women. Because of Israel, they get educated. Because of Israel, they are given equal treatment under the law. Because of Israel, those that abuse women are … Read more

Palestinian Refugees – the Truth

A body of lies has become accepted truth in the world, and that ‘accepted truth’ is being used to bludgeon Israel – with the hope of eventually destroying her. And the willing cooperation by so many to perpetuate these bold lies continues to shock even myself. How can educated individuals knowingly brandish outright falsehoods and … Read more


Helping people see what is real is a long, exhausting (and frustrating) process. Reality is such a harsh environment to live in, most of us would rather spend time with the alternative. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live a place where the sky is always blue and everyone is just so… nice. However, spending … Read more

Understanding UN Bias Against Israel

I just saw this video at the Israel Now website. They have done an excellent job helping viewers understand why the United Nations has such a huge bias against Israel. They also go one to give you something that you can do about it. And, it presents all of this in a well-produced, engaging and … Read more

Hamas Loves Israel, Not Egypt

Hamas has finally declared its everlasting love and devotion to Israel. I knew that they must have been secretly in love with the ‘Zionist Entity’, but now we know. Hamas loves Israel, and they don’t care who knows it. It’s this classic love story where a girl (or guy) desperately in love acts in an … Read more