Hezbollah in Bangkok

Interesting, don’t you think? And, apparently this wasn’t just an arrest of some mid-level admin guy who was out raising money for the organization. Nope, this was an arrest of someone who was already far along the way towards implementing a terrorist attack in Bangkok. A BIG terrorist attack. And, people think that somehow Hezbollah … Read more

Threat from Sinai

This is something that we’ve been worried about for a while – the Sinai border with Israel. It is routinely used by Bedouin to smuggle all kinds of things into Israel – drugs, prostitutes, weapons and terrorists. Until now, Egypt has had a tight control on access to the Sinai and few weapons and terrorists … Read more

Tehran Initiative

Joel Rosenberg is unsettling. He has a gift for getting things right and writing about it in a way that helps his readers understand difficult issues – issues that are both real and horrifying. That scary nature of his writing may dissuade you from picking up his books, but it is his accuracy that should … Read more

The Poster Girl for Palestinian Terrorism

Many of the 1027 terrorists that have been (or are to be) released are horrifyingly evil – evil in ways that defy description. How can these… people, be so despicable? How can they have such joy in the death of innocent people? Children? What twisted mind can smile and have joy when she is told … Read more