Something Rotten in the State of…

There is something rotten in the state of… …Kurdistan. This one caught me a Little by surprise, but it makes so much sense… well, I don’t know why I wasn’t talking this one up. Let me try and make up for lost time. There is something really rotten going on among the Kurds. Kurds? Like curds, but with a … Read more


I’ve been thinking about Ahmadinejad’s confident claims that he can take out the US and Israel – and achieve dominance for Islam. How could he possibly do that without the help of thermonuclear bombs in the multi-megaton range? We also call them hydrogen bombs, or H-bombs, and they are beyond his capability to make. And, I … Read more

The Six Day War: Day Six

It’s the last day of the war. Pressure was building to finish the conflict, from the outside and from the inside. The Soviets were worried that a total collapse of the Syrian army would irreparably damage their influence in the region. The Arab countries were screaming bloody murder about Israeli aggression. The Europeans were disconcerted … Read more

The Six Day War: Day Five

As Day Five began, it was clear that the war for Israel’s survival was over. What was left were loose ends. Or, maybe I should say, one very important loose end. Syria. For years Syria had been shelling communities in the north, confident that her impregnable positions on the Golan would deter any counter attack … Read more

Too Late for A Good One

Haq al-Awda. Sounds like a disease, or at least something that your Mom told you to stop doing on the sidewalk. Well, it IS a disease, one of many social diseases afflicting the Arab soul. It means, “the right of return” – for Palestinians. In most Western countries, we let refugees become a part of … Read more