Worried About Damascus

That may surprise you. Why would anyone worry about Damascus? Well, first of all, Israel is worried about Damascus. And when the Israelis start worrying about ANYTHING, it’s time for YOU to start worrying. Unfortunately, they aren’t worried about anything normal such as all out war. They’re worried about something far worse – stock piles … Read more

Assad Might Survive

And THAT is disappointing. Really disappointing. STRATFOR is pretty good at making these calls, and apparently they see a possibility that Assad might muddle through in his attempt to save his regime from complete destruction. The good news is that, he might be so weakened that his ability to meddle in the affairs of Syria’s … Read more

Syria Falling Apart

Believe it or not, I don’t like seeing ANY country falling apart. I don’t like seeing the Palestinians falling apart. I don’t like seeing Iran fall apart. I don’t want to see ANYONE fallĀ  apart. And, that goes for Syria. Unfortunately, they’ve brought it on themselves, so there is a sense of poetic justice here. … Read more

Good News and Even Better News

As a follow on to what I posted yesterday, it appears that the Israel Defense Force (IDF) is saying that the current leader of Syria really is going to be ousted. They even give coherent reasons why they think that this will be the case. But, there’s better news buried towards the end of the … Read more

Assad Out Within Weeks

That’s according to Ehud Barak, Israel’s Minister of Defense. That’s a pretty credible source, so maybe we should start thinking more about what happens AFTER Assad goes down. The problem is that no one really knows what will happen when the Assad regime bites the dust. Iran will certainly be hurt by this. Some even … Read more