Because We Don’t Remember Reasons

Israel is preparing to invade the Gaza strip for a cause that you and I consider to be reasonable and necessary. In fact, the rest of the world thinks that it’s reasonable. That’s now. That will change. At every stage in Israel’s life, where conflict was inevitable, the world felt that Israel’s position was ‘reasonable’. … Read more

Gilad Shalit and the Rule of Law

Only six percent of Palestinians believe that Gilad Shalit should be released immediately. Most of the rest want an exchange of prisoners. Sounds fair, right? After all, Israel holds a massive number of Palestinians prisoner. And, let’s not forget the armed incursions and targeted killings by the Israeli army. Let’s also not forget that Gilad Shalit is … Read more

What Does that Make the Palestinians?

When I wrote yesterday about cooperation, I did not know that Hamas would try to kidnap an Israeli kid. Why would, ‘not knowing’ make any difference? Well, because there was one thing that I was reluctant to say, and I am not so reluctant now. The mark of a civilized people is cooperation. The more … Read more

What Civilization Is

Well, I’m about to be dragged off by my sister for parts unknown, so I’ll make this quick. (Little sisters are the side effect of visiting home.) The idea of ‘cooperation’ is an important one, and I’m going to beat on this idea for quite a few posts. Think about the word ‘Civilization’ (or civilisation for … Read more