He Used To Hate Israel

His name is Nicky Larkin, and he really did hate Israel. Now, he doesn’t. The reason why he doesn’t hate Israel anymore comes from his honest attempt to create a documentary film exposing Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians. When he went and interviewed both Israelis and Palestinians… and, when he looked into the situation… He … Read more

Palestinian Sewage

One of the problems with resolving the Arab Israeli conflict is the incredible culture gap. The way things are done in the West just does not happen in the Middle East. And, when you can get past the way things are done, you often can’t get to WHAT needs to be done. My Dad is … Read more

Israeli Arabs Proud to be Israeli

I love hearing news like this. No. That’s not good enough, so let me say it again. I ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY love hearing news like this. Yeah. That’s better. Do you have any idea what this means? This is saying that Israel is a COMPLETELY awesome country. It means that Israel really has bent over … Read more