The Greatest Zionists of All

I have always believed that a person’s values and beliefs can best be expressed by what they do – not by what they say. What would you think of an environmentalist who drives an SUV? How about the preacher who can’t stay faithful to his wife? Would you support the politician that campaigns against corruption, but takes money … Read more

The Greatest Supporters of the Settlement Movement

In the midst of the euphoria of the aftermath of the Six Day War, Israel saw an opportunity to buy peace. They had captured territory twice the size of Israel, and they thought that they could exchange this victory (and territory) for a lasting peace. The Arab response to Israeli’s overture was the famous “Three No’s” … Read more

The Fear Was Back

The heady days (and weeks and months) following the Six Day War were amazing. There was a bounce to the step of every Israeli. They were lords off all they surveyed. Unfortunately, the above was the perfect breeding ground for hubris.* Self-confidence and a positive attitude are powerful and can be better motivators than even desperation. … Read more

Heady Stuff

The Six Day War was more than just a great military victory. In the aftermath of the war, Israelis were in as much shock as the Arabs. Israeli casualties were numbered in the hundreds, and Arab casualties in the tens of thousands. It was an ‘upset’ of amazing proportions. Israelis everywhere were pinching themselves. They … Read more