The Six Day War: Day Three

Day three would mark the most important moment of the war. During the first two days of the war, the Egyptians had been meeting defeat after defeat, and had been falling back in a semi-orderly manner. But, on the third day, as the Egyptian 125th Brigade retreated towards the Suez canal, they ran into elements of … Read more

The Six Day War: Day Two

Day two of the war dawns. Day One was an unparalleled success, and the question was whether day two would be as unqualified a victory. One of the most famous sayings attributed to military battle plans is this one: No plan survives the first enemy contact*        — Helmut von Moltke, the Elder (1800-1891) The plan … Read more

The Six Day War: Day One

June 5th was the beginning. Operation Focus was launched just before 8 a.m. when Israeli fighter bombers took off and headed out to sea. The goal was to grab control of the air as soon as possible, so that Israel’s air force could assist forces on the ground. Of course, the air strike was also timed to happen as … Read more