The Six Day War: Aftermath

The Six Day War stunned the world. The tiny country of Israel had successfully fought off the most powerful armies of the Arab world and tripled its territory. The Soviet Union’s attempt to unite the Arab world under its leadership was given an embarrassing defeat. In response, a humiliated Arab world expelled their Jewish citizenry, … Read more

The Six Day War: Day Six

It’s the last day of the war. Pressure was building to finish the conflict, from the outside and from the inside. The Soviets were worried that a total collapse of the Syrian army would irreparably damage their influence in the region. The Arab countries were screaming bloody murder about Israeli aggression. The Europeans were disconcerted … Read more

The Six Day War: Day Five

As Day Five began, it was clear that the war for Israel’s survival was over. What was left were loose ends. Or, maybe I should say, one very important loose end. Syria. For years Syria had been shelling communities in the north, confident that her impregnable positions on the Golan would deter any counter attack … Read more

The Six Day War: Day Four

As the sun rose on Day Four, the war was essentially over. There was only a little more fighting and dying left to do. In the Sinai, some Egyptian units were still putting up a fight, and the Jordanians continued an organized retreat. But by 3:30 p.m., Egypt would accept a cease fire, and a … Read more