I Should Be Frightened

I should be frightened. With everything that is going on… with all the existential threats… Coupled with my return to Israel over the next few months… You’d think that I would be petrified. Shaking in my boots. You’d think that any thought of returning to Israel would be the last thing that I’d want to … Read more

An Arab Second Chance (Bernard Lewis Part IV)

One interesting observation put forward by Dr. Bernard Lewis in his interview with The Jerusalem Post (‘The Iranians do not expect to be attacked’, Jan. 31, 2007), is this one:  The Arab states are very concerned about the Shia revolution. They see a militant, expansionist Shia movement which already seems to be spreading from Iran … Read more

Enter the Mahdaviat

Enter the Mahdaviat. We’ve talked about the Nazism at the roots of the Palestinian national movement. We’ve hinted at the genocidal racism at the roots of other Sunni radicals. But, what about the Shia? What lies at the root of Shiite radical Islam? Something far, far more frightening than neo-Nazi ideology. When dealing with Nazis, … Read more

The Sunni-Shia Divide

To outsiders, the difference between the Sunnis and the Shiites seems rather vague and esoteric. They both absolutely believe and venerate the Qur’an (aka Koran), the holiest book of Islam. They both call themselves Muslim. They both go on Hajj every year to Mecca, in Saudi. But, they seem to have spent the last 13 … Read more