Jews Need to be Exterminated

That is, according to highschool textbooks in Saudi Arabia. Isn’t that nice? The ‘religion of peace’ wants to give their own special form of ‘eternal peace’ to all Jews. I mean, life is hard, right? They’re just trying to help. Even better, this is from Saudi Arabia, the land of Mecca and Medina – the … Read more

Just Don’t Step in Any

I have a problem. I get annoyed. About Little things. Well, not EVERY Little thing, but a lot of Little things – like, for instance, the proper pronunciation of words. I was driving home today after dropping my aunt off at the airport and was listening to my second favorite radio station, when the announcer said … Read more

An Arab Second Chance (Bernard Lewis Part IV)

One interesting observation put forward by Dr. Bernard Lewis in his interview with The Jerusalem Post (‘The Iranians do not expect to be attacked’, Jan. 31, 2007), is this one:  The Arab states are very concerned about the Shia revolution. They see a militant, expansionist Shia movement which already seems to be spreading from Iran … Read more