A Taste for Conquest

Years ago, I ran across a factoid that hammered home this point that Communism isn’t the problem. It was from an analyst/historian who specialized in China. He said (and I paraphrase): Mao Zedong considered himself and the Communist Party to be the modern-day emperor of China.  I will need to re-track down this fact some day to … Read more

A Real Enemy

A friend of mine at University was Communist, as in Marxist – even Trotsky, maybe. He was on my debate team and we had an interesting relationship. Me, the Conservative firebrand. Him, the too-Socialist to be Socialist. I enjoyed crossing verbal swords with him and learned a lot from this quiet student of library science. … Read more

I Should Be Frightened

I should be frightened. With everything that is going on… with all the existential threats… Coupled with my return to Israel over the next few months… You’d think that I would be petrified. Shaking in my boots. You’d think that any thought of returning to Israel would be the last thing that I’d want to … Read more

Russia Arming Iran

Does it surprise you that Russia is arming Iran? Not me. Here’s a recent quote from The Jerusalem Post:  Russia’s defense minister said Tuesday that Russia has sold Tor-M1 air defense missile systems to Iran. It was the first high-level confirmation that such a sale took place. And then, Russia’s Minister of Defense said this: … Read more