A Genocidal Answer

Magda raised an interesting question. How can Israel oppose Russian interests? The answer is that she doesn’t. Not directly. It’s that ‘not directly’ part that’s the problem. You see, Russia wants to rebuild a power base. It can’t have its old power base, ‘cuz Europe has most of it. So, it needs to look elsewhere … Read more

Like Something Straight Out of the Bible

I remember the Cold War – a war that was all about defeating Communism wherever it existed. There were books printed that said things like, “You can trust a Communist to be a Communist”. And, we bought the books and heard the speeches, waved the flag and utterly missed the point. The point should never have been … Read more

A More Efficient Enemy

In response to my blog article on the 17th, ‘Here We Go Again‘, Tedders made a good point. Russian military technology lags far behind that of the US. In a direct confrontation, Russia can’t really win. But, Russia isn’t stupid; they know that they don’t have to be able to win. They just need to … Read more

Here We Go Again

The Associated Press is reporting that nuclear bombers of the Russian Air Force have been ordered into the air again. It has been 15 years since Russia had nuclear bombers on an active nuclear patrol. Why the change now? What threat has arisen that would cause Russia to take this expensive step? With the price … Read more