A Tool of Satan

I’m still on the topic of Arabic democracy, and there’s a definite parallel to European democracy. During the dark ages, the idea that each man was equal in the eyes of God was horrifying – Satanic, even. The Roman Catholic Church considered democratic values to be evil, and persecuted those who advocated them. Throughout Europe, … Read more

Judeo-Christian Roots of Islam

Yesterday was Yom Kippur (pronounce it like this: yome kee-poor). It’s a great day for introspection, for quiet reflection. The nation is quiet. No cars move. Kids play in the street. Religious Jews fast and afflict their souls. Christians and non-religious Jews have a sandwich and read a good book – but, we’re VERY quiet … Read more

They Are Afraid

One of my favorite quotes comes from the Bene Gesseret in one of my favorite novels, Dune, by Frank Herbert: Fear is the mind killer. When fear takes over, your mind turns off. And, when your mind is turned off, you do things that you would not normally do. Hitler used fear to stir up … Read more