About the Father of Palestinian Nationalism

I find it interesting that the Grand Mufti, Amin al-Husseini (also spelled al-Husayni) participated – either activily or passively – in the Armenian genocide of 1915 to 1916. Based on when/where/what he was at the time, there was just no way that he couldn’t have played an active role in the murder of 1.5 million Orthodox Christians by … Read more

Islamic Nazism

Maybe I should call this series of blogs Muslim Nazism week. I don’t want to call Islam the new voice of Nazi ideology in the world, but we don’t seem to have much choice – because it is followers of Hitler who have the leadership in Islam today. Literally. People bandy about the word ‘Nazi’ … Read more

A Lebanese Speaks

I confess that I didn’t understand. I remember the first Lebanese war, in which Israel was forced to go to war with the PLO – which had created a separate state within the state of Lebanon. That war was more than a war freeing Israel from incessant attack. It was a war liberating Lebanon from … Read more

Finding Obsession

Hi everyone. I am dreadfully sick. I’ll probably be okay tomorrow, but for now I’m horrifyingly terrible. Yup. THAT kind of sick. But, I didn’t want to leave y’all without something to look at. A friend of mine pointed out that Obsession had changed location in Google’s video list. I’m not sure why, but I … Read more


A friend of mine called me up last night and said, “John, you’ve gotta see this movie.” Being the rather cynical guy that I am, my mental response was “Well, I don’t HAFTA see anything.” Not knowing that she was already talking to the world expert on everything, she went on, “It encapsulates the whole … Read more