Truth About the Peace Process

Arabs and their sympathizers are applying a full-court press on Israel in a coordinated attempt to force Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria and hand Jerusalem over to the Palestinians. Of course, the Palestinians haven’t said much about what they plan to do if they succeed in forcing Israel to withdraw from Jerusalem, Judea … Read more

The Six Day War: Aftermath

The Six Day War stunned the world. The tiny country of Israel had successfully fought off the most powerful armies of the Arab world and tripled its territory. The Soviet Union’s attempt to unite the Arab world under its leadership was given an embarrassing defeat. In response, a humiliated Arab world expelled their Jewish citizenry, … Read more

How Can They Be So Crazy and So Stupid?

I’m going to need to create a new category in this blog called Stupid People. The problem is that it would hold more than half of my submissions. What has me so annoyed THIS time? The Palestinians, of course. Thanks to Israel, Palestinians are better educated than any other group of Arabs anywhere. They have more … Read more