Around the World in 80 Days

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to for the past six months, look no further. I’ve been preparing to travel, traveling, and recovering from travel. And yes, as the title of this piece indicates, I did travel around the globe in exactly 80 days. This marks the second time that I’ve circumnavigated the … Read more

Grateful for Israel

They should be, but they won’t, which is too bad. You see, millions of Arabs owe their lives to Israel. And, I don’t mean the State of Israel – although many Arabs owe much to the Jewish State. No, I’m talking about a different Israel. Israel Kligler. I wrote about him on Friday, but over … Read more

Israelis Abroad Under High Alert

I’m afraid that my sense of humor gets me into a lot of trouble. And, I like talking to Israelis, and I do that every chance I get. However, Israelis try very hard not to give themselves away, because YOU might be a terrorist. Unfortunately, for Israelis, it’s hard to hide nationality. A few months … Read more