The New Land for Peace Deal

And, this is a deal that we could all get behind. Really. It’s even deliciously ironic. The phrase, “Hoist with his own petard” comes to mind – a phrase that began with Shakespeare and essentially means ‘blown up by your own bomb’. (A Petard is a bomb used to breach gates, etc.) Well, it seems … Read more

Israeli Arabs Proud to be Israeli

I love hearing news like this. No. That’s not good enough, so let me say it again. I ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY love hearing news like this. Yeah. That’s better. Do you have any idea what this means? This is saying that Israel is a COMPLETELY awesome country. It means that Israel really has bent over … Read more

War With Egypt

If (like me) you always wondered when it would happen, or even if… well, you may be able to stop wondering because it appears that war is inevitable unless something drastic happens. And this time, the Egyptian army will be armed with the latest weapon systems from the US, including the M-1 Abrams – a … Read more