Hatred from Doha

A lot of evil has come from the capital of Qatar, so it shouldn’t surprise us when they host the largest conference of its kind, whose sole purpose was to attack Israel and her right to exist. Oh, well, they DID call it the International Conference on Jerusalem, but they might as well have called … Read more

Terrorism on a Salary

A while ago an expert once said that terrorism cannot exist without money. And, that rule has withstood the test of time. It is true that it tends to cost less for Islamicists to fund terrorism. Those terrorist dollars just go farther when a fanatic will do it for the promise of all-sins-forgiven and 72 … Read more

Palestinian Democracy Not Possible

There can be no other rational conclusion, until something changes. Seriously. It’s been slowly dawning on some of us that democratic ideals can only exist where there is an education system to promote them. If you have an educational system that promotes some OTHER ideal, well… you’ll get something other than democracy. Hence, the current … Read more