My Furniture Attacked Me

I was attacked by my refrigerator this morning. All that I did was pull out a bottle of milk and, when I closed the door, the refrigerator bit me on the ankle. And, that’s not all. Last week, I was attacked by a table, two chairs and a doorway. You laugh, but I have scars … Read more

The New Sixty Percent

Something has gone terribly wrong. I’m even struggling for words to describe how the world has turned upside down. You might want to sit down before reading the rest of this. The Jerusalem Post says that: “New public opinion surveys conducted among ‘opinion elites’ in Europe show that support for the Palestinians has fallen precipitously” … Read more

Expending Ten Times the Effort

Straight out of college, my first job was in high-tech sales. The sales team that I worked with was great, while I was merely average. And like all great sales teams, they worked very hard to get their ‘merely average’ member to become great. They did that by dragging me through every sales course they … Read more

Just Like They Did in 9/11

Talking about barbarians yesterday has gotten me thinking about barbarism. That got me thinking about 9/11, which got me thinking about airline hijackings (skyjacking), which got me thinking about the PLO. Capice? Now, it’s true that the PLO didn’t invent the idea of skyjacking. People have been hijacking vehicles since the invention of the horse. … Read more