The New Land for Peace Deal

And, this is a deal that we could all get behind. Really. It’s even deliciously ironic. The phrase, “Hoist with his own petard” comes to mind – a phrase that began with Shakespeare and essentially means ‘blown up by your own bomb’. (A Petard is a bomb used to breach gates, etc.) Well, it seems … Read more

Grateful for Israel

They should be, but they won’t, which is too bad. You see, millions of Arabs owe their lives to Israel. And, I don’t mean the State of Israel – although many Arabs owe much to the Jewish State. No, I’m talking about a different Israel. Israel Kligler. I wrote about him on Friday, but over … Read more

Inside A School For Suicide Bombers

So much of the world views the suicide bomber as someone who acts out of desperation – someone who feels the terrible weight of injustice and takes the route of Jihad because there are no other options. It’s complete and utter crap. The video that you are about to watch describes how the Taliban create … Read more

Palestinians Are Nothing Special

Of course, they’re people and should receive all of the consideration that people anywhere should receive. But, there’s nothing special about being P-A-L-E-S-T-I-N-I-A-N. And, that’s according to Fathi Hammad, Minister of the Interior and of National Security for Hamas, in the Gaza Strip. Now, Fathi didn’t mean for us to take his statements in just … Read more

Palestinian Irony

Foolishness is alive and well everywhere, even in remote places like Ramallah, the ersatz capital of the Palestinian Authority. Talking about every stupid thing that happens in Ramallah would take too long and cause your eyes to bleed, but there are times when Palestinian foolishness reaches for greatness and becomes Palestinian Irony. The latest bit … Read more