Where Journalists Learn To Lie

Those of us who know something about media distortion are not surprised by how and where the lies start. But, are YOU surprised? Probably not. Journalism has been on a downward spiral for the last century, and they only have journalists and their editors to fault for this decline. When you distort the truth (i.e., … Read more

How To Defend Israel – Introduction

Ever thought about being a diplomat? For Israel? Well, here’s your chance. HonestReporting.com has put together a series of useful (and short) lessons on how to defend Israel from all the attacks leveled against her every single day. Whether it’s a coworker that you meet for lunch, or your weekend golfing buddies, it isn’t hard … Read more

Ethnic Cleansing in Jerusalem

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) was on Friday, so I would like to take a moment to highlight their claim of ethnic cleansing by Israel in Jerusalem. As you know, ethnic cleansing is a horrendous act that should be stopped immediately. Here is the definition of Ethnic Cleansing: ethnic cleansing,┬áthe attempt to create ethnically … Read more

He Used To Hate Israel

His name is Nicky Larkin, and he really did hate Israel. Now, he doesn’t. The reason why he doesn’t hate Israel anymore comes from his honest attempt to create a documentary film exposing Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians. When he went and interviewed both Israelis and Palestinians… and, when he looked into the situation… He … Read more