If You Call that Victory…

I find Bashar Assad’s crowing and chest beating amusing. It’s a lot like the posturing of his father after his disastrous attack on Israel in 1973. I guess that we should consider it as yet another one of those incomprehensible (but quaint) family traditions. Anyway… Bashar Assad, the leader of Syria, claims that there is … Read more

A Lebanese Speaks

I confess that I didn’t understand. I remember the first Lebanese war, in which Israel was forced to go to war with the PLO – which had created a separate state within the state of Lebanon. That war was more than a war freeing Israel from incessant attack. It was a war liberating Lebanon from … Read more

Very Clever

I think that the Israeli government has played this one out really well. There is a UN cease fire that Israel has signed, which means that there is a clear end to the fighting in sight. At the same time, Israel has positioned forces in such a way that they will be able hinder Hezbollah … Read more