What Do You Do – Consequences

There is only one thing that you CAN do when people make bad choices. You need to let them experience the results. The Universe is a difficult and unforgiving place. Every cause has an effect. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you try to break this ‘law of causality’ you are going … Read more

It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

I try not to mix too much of my personal faith into these articles. Or, maybe I should say that I try to keep it to a level that (I hope) is acceptable to everyone. Please feel free to take me to task when I have been less-than-professional in this regard. I say that because … Read more


Yesterday, I gave you two reasons why Israel will not be able to give East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. One was that the average Israeli wouldn’t stand for it. Two was that the Palestinian leadership would screw up the process, anyway. But, there is a three. Most people do not know that the Jordanian royal family is … Read more

The Six Day War: Day Two

Day two of the war dawns. Day One was an unparalleled success, and the question was whether day two would be as unqualified a victory. One of the most famous sayings attributed to military battle plans is this one: No plan survives the first enemy contact*        — Helmut von Moltke, the Elder (1800-1891) The plan … Read more

An Arab Second Chance (Bernard Lewis Part IV)

One interesting observation put forward by Dr. Bernard Lewis in his interview with The Jerusalem Post (‘The Iranians do not expect to be attacked’, Jan. 31, 2007), is this one:  The Arab states are very concerned about the Shia revolution. They see a militant, expansionist Shia movement which already seems to be spreading from Iran … Read more