Jerusalem Not In Israel

That is, according to the Obama administration. Isn’t that nice? The President of the United States isn’t even willing to acknowledge that WESTERN Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Can anyone tell me why that is? It’s disgusting that America refuses to acknowledge East Jerusalem as a part of Israel. No, it’s beyond disgusting. It’s wrong. If … Read more

Ethnic Cleansing in Jerusalem

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) was on Friday, so I would like to take a moment to highlight their claim of ethnic cleansing by Israel in Jerusalem. As you know, ethnic cleansing is a horrendous act that should be stopped immediately. Here is the definition of Ethnic Cleansing: ethnic cleansing,┬áthe attempt to create ethnically … Read more

Hatred from Doha

A lot of evil has come from the capital of Qatar, so it shouldn’t surprise us when they host the largest conference of its kind, whose sole purpose was to attack Israel and her right to exist. Oh, well, they DID call it the International Conference on Jerusalem, but they might as well have called … Read more

Jerusalem, Gibralter and Stamps

Why is it that so many people just HATE the fact that Israel controls Jerusalem? I mean, not even the Arab residents object to Israeli control of Jerusalem. (In fact, East Jerusalemites are positively DREADING the possibility that the Palestinian Authority might take over their neighborhoods.) Our most recent manifestation of hatred comes in the … Read more