Inside A School For Suicide Bombers

So much of the world views the suicide bomber as someone who acts out of desperation – someone who feels the terrible weight of injustice and takes the route of Jihad because there are no other options. It’s complete and utter crap. The video that you are about to watch describes how the Taliban create … Read more

Israel Will Attack Iran

The question is when. Some have tried to toy with the word, ‘if’… but, no. It really is all about ‘when’. “What about the U.S.,” you ask? Well, someone recently mentioned that America hasn’t really won a war since World War II. That’s a little harsh, but there is a lot truth to that statement. … Read more

Islamic Republic of Egypt to Get MORE Aid?

No, really. You read that right. The latest Islamic Republic has the attention of the Obama administration. In this era of budget deficits and economic hardship… the Obama administration is intent on ACCELERATING aid to Egypt. That’s right, the same Egypt that just elected a parliament that was 75% Islamist. A parliament that is about … Read more

Islamic Republic of Egypt

Welcome to the new Iran of the Middle East. Just when you thought that you could dispense with Israel, and relegate her to the back pages of human history… along comes a development that emphasizes just how important Israel is – and why the world will never be able to free itself from Israel’s importance. … Read more