An Israeli for Congress

If you live in Johnson County, Texas, you will probably see the name Itamar Gelbman when voting day rolls around. Vote for him. No. Really. Vote for Itamar Gelbman. And, if he needs money for his campaign, give it to him. Why? Itamar was raised in Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces. He … Read more

A Muslim Loves Israel

Can you believe it? As a non-Jew who lived in Israel for almost 15 years, even I find this astonishing and amazing. And wonderful. Kasim Hafeez has taken an amazing journey from true hatred to even truer love. He grew up on a diet of antisemitism and went on to become an anti-Israel activist. But … Read more

The Forgotten People

Is The Holocaust about to happen again? I wrote yesterday that America not only stood still during The Holocaust, but intentionally assisted in furthering The Holocaust by turning away those who sought refuge in the US. This fact has brought eternal shame on America and, I believe, eternal judgment. Now that we are on the … Read more

Going MAD

Hey, we went M.A.D. in 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, and we did okay, right? That’s right. Mutual Assured Destruction. It worked for our parents and grandparents, so why can’t it work for us? I mean, those Iranians are people just like us, right? They can’t be worse than those crazy Soviet communists, right? No. … Read more