Israel to Attack Iran, After All?

Well, according to the Hebrew language newspaper, Ma’ariv, yes. Apparently, on Thursday, Israel’s security cabinet voted eight to six in favor of giving Bibi Netanyahu permission to initiate an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities whenever he feels like it’s appropriate to do so. Now, Ma’ariv is one of the top three newspapers in Israel, along … Read more

America and the Holocaust

I really want to believe that America is good. I really, really do. Unfortunately, the history of the US is blemished – blemished in ways that are truly horrifying. We massacred the American Indian and drove them onto barren ‘reservations’. We enslaved the African, in ways that horrified even the Europeans. Then, we turned our … Read more

Another Credible Voice On Iran

The decision on what to do about Iran is a tough one. The Mullahs are nuts, and you can’t reason with nuts. You can shoot nuts, but you’d have to get all of them – or, they’ll just come back worse than ever. Worse, lots of people who are average joes like you and me … Read more

A Decade of Preparation

Israel never lets a serious existential threat go unanswered. Never. Well, at the turn of the millennium, Israel began to realize that the threat from Iran was serious – nuclear weapons serious. Mossad was tasked with stopping them. Others even less visible were also given the task. And, the Israel Air Force. If Mossad (and … Read more

Do Not Attack Iran Now

That’s the message from the former head of Mossad, and frankly, he’s probably right. I mean, if ANYONE is able to determine what’s the right time to attack Iran, Meir Dagan is that man. That’s in addition to the polls indicating that most Israelis do not want the IDF to attack Iranian nuclear sites without … Read more