Death to America

It’s pretty obvious to all of you that I have an obsession with Iran. I like to refer to it as a ‘healthy interest’ or even a ‘mild schizophrenic paranoia’. But, if ‘obsession’ works for you, I won’t deny it. Like all good Iran-centered obsessives, I pay attention when Iran is in the news, and … Read more

Not So Blessed…

Those of you that know me, know that I am not an alarmist. Oh, I have my moments. I get annoyed when I leave the milk out all night. I’ll get a Little freaked out when a friend says that they have cancer. And, I DO get alarmed when a bomb goes off down the … Read more

Voting for the Mahdi

When the last Iranian filed out of the last polling station June 24th, 2005, a choice had been made – a decision taken. Iran voted to bring in the Mahdi. That decision will shake the world in ways that it has not been shaken since the coming of Hitler. Like prewar Germany, Iranians feel abused … Read more

Worried About Iran?

Worried about Iran? Anxious? That’s good. It shows that you are paying attention. However, worry and anxiety connote uncertainty coupled with fear. You worry and agonize over something that you aren’t really sure about. You don’t KNOW how much a threat Iran is. You can’t be CERTAIN that Iran will develop nuclear weapons and turn … Read more