Going MAD

Hey, we went M.A.D. in 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, and we did okay, right? That’s right. Mutual Assured Destruction. It worked for our parents and grandparents, so why can’t it work for us? I mean, those Iranians are people just like us, right? They can’t be worse than those crazy Soviet communists, right? No. … Read more

Obama Betrays Israel AGAIN

Words cannot adequately express the sheer outrage and revulsion that I have for Barack Obama and his coterie of fools and sycophants. It’s bad enough that he’s destroyed the US economy, fanned the flames of racial strife, and promoted the growth of a police state. He keeps adding insult to injury by befriending our enemies, … Read more

No More Time

Well, there might be some time left, but not much. And, if we really knew the whole story, we might find that we ran out of time years ago. What am I talking about? Diplomacy – that delightful exercise in talking someone to death. (My own definition of diplomacy is… the art of saying ‘nice … Read more

New Moon Over Iran

Watch for the New Moon. Within five days of the new moon, Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities – five days before through to five days after – as they did when they took out the Syrian reactor. The first window opened on March 17, and it closes on March 27th. The next one opens … Read more

Pentagon Worried About Iranian Retaliation

They’re worried that US military personnel might be killed when Iran retaliates after Israel strikes Iranian nuclear production sites. This possibility should give no one any joy, and certainly doesn’t please the Israelis. The problem is that the fault for this lies squarely with the highest levels of the US administration. When Israel has cooperated … Read more