The US Has Abandoned Israel

…according to Iran. In fact, they’re crowing about it. They even boast that the US has ‘bowed’ before Iran and given them concessions on their nuclear arms development. They are so excited. They think that they’ve been given the ‘green light’ by the Obama administration to ‘Kill All the Jews and Annihilate Israel‘. And, you … Read more

Israeli Spy Runs Into Iran

From Iraq! If there is one thing to expect from Israel, it’s the unexpected. None of the hijackers of Air France Flight 139 expected Israel to liberate their hostages in Entebbe, in July of 1976. Saddam Hussein never expected Israel to attack and demolish the Osirak reactor, in June of 1981. Even better, no one … Read more

Scratching Their Heads

And so much of it has been going on that Arab and Iranian heads are starting to get a little sore. Will Israel attack? Or, are they just going to leave it up the US? That is a very good question, and it’s exactly what Israel wants you to keep asking. Psychology is one of … Read more

The Forgotten People

Is The Holocaust about to happen again? I wrote yesterday that America not only stood still during The Holocaust, but intentionally assisted in furthering The Holocaust by turning away those who sought refuge in the US. This fact has brought eternal shame on America and, I believe, eternal judgment. Now that we are on the … Read more

Ready to Launch

It is a truism that diplomacy cannot work unless the object of your diplomacy has something to lose when efforts fail. And, it’s pretty clear that the current diplomatic moves of the Obama administration are just a reapplication of failed efforts of the past. Iran has already dealt with trade embargoes before. They didn’t work … Read more