Back in the 80s, they used to joke about Apple and their t-shirts. Every time someone in marketing went to the bathroom, they decided to print another t-shirt. Apple was THAT BIG into t-shirts. Well, I’m sorta that way with websites. Whenever I have a ‘brilliant idea’ for a new writing project I rush over … Read more

Pat Condell Lays It Down

I’m more used to Pat making snide (but entertaining) remarks about stuff that I care about. He doesn’t believe in God, is derisive about intelligent design, and thinks that every person of faith is a looney. (I do admit to being a looney.) What I’m NOT used to is Mr. Condell laying into the Palestinians … Read more

Allahu Snackbar!

Those of us with intimate knowledge of the battle cry of Islamists, know that most Jihadis say “Allahu Akbar!”, which is ‘God is Better’ in Arabic. Unfortunately, Hebrew speakers know that akbar is the Hebrew word for mouse. When I want to move the pointer around the screen, I use my akbar. When I see tiny … Read more

‘Cuz They Know All About Nuts

At first I thought that this was a prank. Then, I did some checking, and apparently both Sky News and sources in the UK Foreign Office both confirm that the story is legit.  (sigh) It’s normal to have enemies that hate you. But, as long as they are rational, you can have a kind of … Read more