Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer runs Jihadwatch and has done much to keep us informed of what militant Islam plans for all who choose to reject the Quran. He was recently interviewed by Michael Coren on The Source with Ezra Levant, a politically conservative show aired in Canada. The July 28 interview was titled Blame America (included below). … Read more

Raymond Ibrahim

There are times when I run across truly incredible people who emerge from the muslim world and tell us what is really going on. One of those guys is Raymond Ibrahim. Born in the United States, Raymond comes with a deep understanding of Western culture and values, but he’s also a native Arabic speaker. His … Read more

A Good Guy Gets a Break

I’ve spent some time worrying about this guy, so I am incredibly relieved that he has been granted asylum. His name is Mosab Yousef. His father founded Hamas,¬†and he’s a hero: Judge grants ex-Israeli spy US asylum By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER , JERUSALEM POST 06/30/2010 20:53 Son of a Hamas founder passes US immigration background … Read more