US Treatment of Holocaust Survivors

The more that I understand how deeply the Jews were betrayed by the US government… well, the more that I struggle to find the words that communicate the absolute fury that I have for what was and what is. What FDR and the US State Department did to Holocaust survivors is beyond description and is … Read more

The Forgotten People

Is The Holocaust about to happen again? I wrote yesterday that America not only stood still during The Holocaust, but intentionally assisted in furthering The Holocaust by turning away those who sought refuge in the US. This fact has brought eternal shame on America and, I believe, eternal judgment. Now that we are on the … Read more

The American Role In The Holocaust

The fact that America had ANY role in the Holocaust is sickening. But, when you consider that millions of Jews could have been rescued if the United States had given them shelter… It’s maddening. To my mind, there can be no greater argument for a coming judgment upon America than this fact. And, I document … Read more

America and the Holocaust

I really want to believe that America is good. I really, really do. Unfortunately, the history of the US is blemished – blemished in ways that are truly horrifying. We massacred the American Indian and drove them onto barren ‘reservations’. We enslaved the African, in ways that horrified even the Europeans. Then, we turned our … Read more

If All Else Fails

America will step in and save the day. That’s essentially what Leon Panetta said at AIPAC. So, how many Israelis need to die before we reach this ‘when all else fails’ mark? Few of us were alive during The Holocaust. But, did you know that the United States knew what was happening to the Jews … Read more