Because There is a Pattern

I saw the movie Pi this week. It is an incredibly moving, and disturbing, movie. It was filmed in black and white – in grainy, high contrast. They used obsolete PCs, and they glued old circuit boards together and called it a mainframe. It was seriously low budget. It was about good and evil, obsession and … Read more

Waiting For the Pain

In my last post, I said that It Ain’t Gonna’ Happen. Can there be anything more frustrating than to see unquestionable disaster march toward you and find that the people responsible for averting disaster are doing nothing? You scream yourself hoarse that the world is going to end, and no one does anything? Six million … Read more

Funding a Modern Hitler

Most people do not know that Hitler’s Germany could not have developed into a threat without outside help. Bankers and investors lined up to give loans and make investments. Even while Hitler was demonstrating his evil intentions, they loaned and invested. Without that support, Hitler would have been just one more ineffectual crackpot. This century’s … Read more

The Peaceful Majority

Carol just sent me an email with an interesting article written by Paul Marek, who writes a blog here: Anyway, the article that is interesting is this one: It’s a bit more than a year old, but absolutely timeless. I’ll give you a couple paragraphs from his blog entry, and ask you to … Read more