Are You a Racist?

Today’s genteel antisemitism is sickening. Of course, they claim to be only against Israel, but anyone with half a brain will understand that Israel would not be a problem if it wasn’t JEWISH. The problem isn’t Israel. The problem is the JEWS. What an abominable statement. I feel this utter sense of revulsion for just … Read more

Islam, Israel and America

Where Europe goes, America will someday follow – as long as you define ‘someday’ as about twelve years. If you think that’s a sobering statement, wait till you see Erick Stakelbeck in his latest episode of Stakelbeck on Terror. It is truly amazing to see what Islam has done to Europe, and what the future … Read more

Assault on the Constitution

The US Constitution has been under siege for a long time – pretty much from its inception. But, up to now, it’s been respected enough that the enemies of the Constitution could not mount a direct assault on it. My how times have changed. Ryan Grim has written two articles in the Huffington Post that … Read more