Israeli Spy Runs Into Iran

From Iraq! If there is one thing to expect from Israel, it’s the unexpected. None of the hijackers of Air France Flight 139 expected Israel to liberate their hostages in Entebbe, in July of 1976. Saddam Hussein never expected Israel to attack and demolish the Osirak reactor, in June of 1981. Even better, no one … Read more

Grateful for Israel

They should be, but they won’t, which is too bad. You see, millions of Arabs owe their lives to Israel. And, I don’t mean the State of Israel – although many Arabs owe much to the Jewish State. No, I’m talking about a different Israel. Israel Kligler. I wrote about him on Friday, but over … Read more

Israel Kligler

Forget Herzl. Forget Ben Gurion. The other great Zionists? Forget them too. None of them can hold a candle to Israel Kligler. Without Kligler there would be no Israel. He defeated the biggest enemy that Israel ever faced, and he did it quietly, in the background. But, even though he never sought fame or recognition … Read more

Palestinian Refugees – the Truth

A body of lies has become accepted truth in the world, and that ‘accepted truth’ is being used to bludgeon Israel – with the hope of eventually destroying her. And the willing cooperation by so many to perpetuate these bold lies continues to shock even myself. How can educated individuals knowingly brandish outright falsehoods and … Read more