Israel to Invade Gaza

Well, not tomorrow, but sometime in the near-to-medium future. Anyone who sits down and looks at the mess that Hamas has made of Gaza would say the same thing. There is just no way that Israeli public opinion will allow Gaza to continue shooting rockets at Israeli civilians. The more those rockets kill, the closer … Read more

Hezbollah in South America

They started out as a group formed to directly oppose Israel in Lebanon. They called themselves Hizb’Allah, or Party of God. We called them Hezbollah, and they were celebrated as freedom fighters. When people pointed out their Qods Force/Iranian roots, we looked uncomfortable and changed the subject. Which is too bad, because now they have … Read more

When a Jew Laughs

Barry Rubin has just produced a startlingly good piece, which he begins: There‚Äôs a saying that goes something like this: When things are bad, a Jew cries. When they get even worse, a Jew cries more. And when they even get worse, a Jew laughs. As indelicate as this may seem, the current situation makes … Read more


Helping people see what is real is a long, exhausting (and frustrating) process. Reality is such a harsh environment to live in, most of us would rather spend time with the alternative. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live a place where the sky is always blue and everyone is just so… nice. However, spending … Read more

Hezbollah is All About Jerusalem

It’s almost as if Iran has been reading Hitler. Which makes sense, since Hitler’s Mein Kampf has been a best seller in book stores all over the Muslim world. It shouldn’t surprise us then, that Iran has penetrated deep into South America and moved up into Mexico. Iran has strong ties with Hugo Chavez in … Read more