How Can Anyone Be This Arrogant?

There is always room for criticism. Always. None of us is perfect, and that goes for Israel. That’s why, when the dust settles, we’ll look at what happened and see if we couldn’t have dealt with this situation more efficiently. We’ll try to see how we could have done more to minimize the damage to … Read more

Forgiveness and Peace

A friend and I were driving to Tel Aviv, and we argued about forgiveness. Most of our discussion revolved around spiritual principles governing the interaction between individuals. To some degree all of us understand what that means, but what about peoples and nations? No, don’t worry. I’m not going to throw religion at you. That’s … Read more

My Idiot Neighbor

Being upset at the French is like yelling at my idiot neighbor. It’s useless, and you’ve hurt the delicate feelings of someone who doesn’t have a clue. However, like most idiot neighbors, she offers an example of what NOT to do. Of how NOT to fight a war – any war. Even the war on … Read more

Hitting Them Where They Breed

I love French. French food. French cheese. French fries. The French countryside is fabulous – at least in the fabulous parts. They’ve lost every major war they’ve ever fought and are STILL proud of their military tradition. (WW I & II don’t count. They lost, and we saved them. Typical.) I love that. They are … Read more

The New Sixty Percent

Something has gone terribly wrong. I’m even struggling for words to describe how the world has turned upside down. You might want to sit down before reading the rest of this. The Jerusalem Post says that: “New public opinion surveys conducted among ‘opinion elites’ in Europe show that support for the Palestinians has fallen precipitously” … Read more