An Egyptian Napoleon?

Revolutions are chancy things. You never quite know what you’re going to get when you start one. We think of the American Revolution as having had only one possible outcome, but that is just not so. For instance, did you know that we came perilously close to a monarchy? That’s right, many of the founding … Read more

Drug Resistant Libya

Drug resistant diseases are popping up all over the place, partly because we have misused the drugs that we have developed to fight them. Here’s an example. I’ve known Fred (not his real name) ever since he was a kid, and when it came to taking medication he was a complete idiot. Mind-bogglingly stupid. Whenever … Read more

Quite a Tale

Magda raised a good point, as she does with rather disconcerting regularity. The Roman Catholic Church HAS had a violent history. In fact, I suspect that its history has been even MORE violent than Islam’s history. However, I don’t believe that this actually points to the error of fundamentalism. I just think that it points to … Read more