Jimmy is Pleased

With the Egyptian vote. This guy really needs a nursing home. It is truly hard to believe this. How can you possibly be pleased with a vote that brings Islamic fundamentalism to power? Would he have been pleased by the democratic process that brought Hitler to power? I’m struggling to find words here. How do … Read more

War With Egypt

If (like me) you always wondered when it would happen, or even if… well, you may be able to stop wondering because it appears that war is inevitable unless something drastic happens. And this time, the Egyptian army will be armed with the latest weapon systems from the US, including the M-1 Abrams – a … Read more

Egypt Turns Islamist

What an amazing moment in time. Two thirds of Egypt has voted to become Islamist. And with this hefty majority, the newly Islamic Egyptian parliament will be able to draft its new constitution without consulting anyone else in Egypt. Anyone wanna’ bet what kind of constitution that will be? Think also about what is about … Read more

Maikel Nabil Sanad

I don’t know Maikel Nabil Sanad that well, but any Egyptian who supports Israel, has Hebrew on his webpage, and likes animals… Well, he’s got my attention. Yes, I know. He’s got a picture of himself giving ‘the finger’. And, there’s an ad for Adult FriendFinder. And… some of his writing will never be confused … Read more

Egyptian Time Bomb

If you get real quiet, and listen closely, you can hear it… tick, tick, tick, tick… In July, I wrote the following in my article, An Egyptian Napoleon: Revolutions are chancy things. You never quite know what you’re going to get when you start one. We think of the American Revolution as having had only … Read more