Trouble in Sinai

For decades the Sinai was this incredibly large, barren wilderness that was, at worst, a problem for Israel’s police force – and most of THAT was marijuana. But, all that’s changed. Weapons and terrorists have entered the Sinai, and the Egyptians are powerless to do anything about it. Worse, the rise of an Islamist government … Read more

War With Egypt

Iran is gleefully predicting that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will tear up the peace agreement with Israel. This is from Amin al-Sayed Ibrahim, head of Hezbollah’s political council. And his comments were made during the International Conference on Islamic Awakening and the Youths in Teheran. You would expect someone like Mr. Ibrahim to know … Read more

Islamic Republic of Egypt to Get MORE Aid?

No, really. You read that right. The latest Islamic Republic has the attention of the Obama administration. In this era of budget deficits and economic hardship… the Obama administration is intent on ACCELERATING aid to Egypt. That’s right, the same Egypt that just elected a parliament that was 75% Islamist. A parliament that is about … Read more

Islamic Republic of Egypt

Welcome to the new Iran of the Middle East. Just when you thought that you could dispense with Israel, and relegate her to the back pages of human history… along comes a development that emphasizes just how important Israel is – and why the world will never be able to free itself from Israel’s importance. … Read more

Threat from Sinai

This is something that we’ve been worried about for a while – the Sinai border with Israel. It is routinely used by Bedouin to smuggle all kinds of things into Israel – drugs, prostitutes, weapons and terrorists. Until now, Egypt has had a tight control on access to the Sinai and few weapons and terrorists … Read more