America Crumbles

I’ve been involved in a number of online ‘wars’ over the debt ceiling and the US Federal deficit. It surprises me how many are willing to pony up worn out slogans while forgetting the most important player in this debate: the Average American. Yes, I know that there are deep problems with the national debt, … Read more

Rumors of War II

I just finished watching, for the second time, an incredibly powerful video. It’s called Rumors of War II. I’m sure that before it’s all over, I’ll have watched it several times more. It truly is a video that grabs you by the neck and gives you a shake. If your world-view wasn’t already shaken, it … Read more

Putting It All Together

It’s Monday. It’s the first of August. The world is falling apart. If you saw the videos that I posted on Friday, you’ll know some of the reasons why I say that the world is falling apart. If you’re confused about the references to ‘Monday’ and ‘August’ you’re either on vacation or out of medication. … Read more

Assault on the Constitution

The US Constitution has been under siege for a long time – pretty much from its inception. But, up to now, it’s been respected enough that the enemies of the Constitution could not mount a direct assault on it. My how times have changed. Ryan Grim has written two articles in the Huffington Post that … Read more