It’s Gotta Be Good for the Goose

I find it interesting that the Chabadnikim (people who follow Chabad) are upset over the fact that they aren’t allowed to put pressure on kids to become more dati (orthodox). I really do understand their upset. They see Jewish kids suffering a lack of direction, and they want to provide that direction. They see Judaism as … Read more

Judeo-Christian Roots of Islam

Yesterday was Yom Kippur (pronounce it like this: yome kee-poor). It’s a great day for introspection, for quiet reflection. The nation is quiet. No cars move. Kids play in the street. Religious Jews fast and afflict their souls. Christians and non-religious Jews have a sandwich and read a good book – but, we’re VERY quiet … Read more

So, Why Is Islam So Upset With the Pope?

Does it matter that Jews and Christians don’t understand each other? Not only does it not matter… but, it’s the way that religious belief works. Different faiths are SUPPOSED to be mutually incomprehensible. It’s the law. It is natural to believe that anyone who disagrees with YOUR faith is WRONG – with all the associated … Read more